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We are Eat More Pixels

We’re not your everyday app development company. We’re a unique and playful team with a background in research, teaching and game design. We’re based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. We pride ourselves on creating engaging apps and we love a challenge, so stay awhile, take a look around and don’t be shy to get in touch.

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Technology alone is not enough

But it’s okay, our unique set of skills have got you covered.
App Validation

You’ve got an app idea, but have you validated it? We can help you work out if your app idea has value by running a design sprint, or building a prototype.

User Focused

It’s important to consider who you’re designing for, what they want and what they can do. User-centered design is not an option, it’s a necessity.

Solid Code

What goes on behind the scenes will make or break your app experience. We’re fluent in a number of programming languages and best coding practices.

Careful Testing

If you plan on shipping an app without testing it, then think again! We test any apps we develop thoroughly with real devices and real people.

Meet the Co-founders

Dr Jimmy Ti

Jimmy is a technical wizard and experienced developer. He has completed a phd that focused on designing mobile social services for public transport and he has a love for games and good user experience.

Dr Zac Fitz-Walter

With a phd in gamification and user experience design, Zac focuses primarily on reducing friction through good usability and motivating users with playful and engaging experiences.

Here’s a few things we’ve worked on

Once upon a War Time

Once upon a War Time

An interactive storytelling app

Me Calendar

Me Calendar

An audio, visual and video calendar for the iPad.

Long Time, No See?

Long Time, No See?

An innovative new art project

Margaret Olley Art Centre

Margaret Olley Art Centre

Look, listen, draw, paint

Here’s a few things we’ve written

Develop Swiftly: Useful Libraries, Tips and Tricks for Developing in Swift (/dev/world/2016)

| Presentation, Programming | No Comments

This talk was presented by Jimmy (that’s me!) at /dev/world/2016 in Melbourne, Australia. This talk came about from my internal debate on when would be a good time to start adopting…

Designing engaging & motivating apps

| Presentation | No Comments

This presentation by Zac Fitz-Walter is from /dev/world/2016 – Australia’s longest-running conference for OS X and iOS developers and designers. In this presentation Zac talks about usability and psychology and why they’re…

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