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Eat More Pixels is a development studio that specialises in creating apps for touch devices. We have a background in research, playful design and love taking on technical challenges. We're based in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

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We have a unique set of skills that set us apart from other development studios. We've been developing apps since 2009, but also have extensively researched mobile apps at a Phd level, and taught app development nationwide.

App Development

We specialise in iOS development for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and can provide a complete app solution from initial proposal to App Store delivery.

Gamification & UX Design

We have a unique background in gamification and user experience design after years of research in this area. If you need an expert in this area, we can help.

Training & Keynotes

We have taught app development nationwide and gamification design at a university level. If you’re after a keynote or training then get in touch.

Case Studies

Here's a selection of some of the projects we've worked on in the past.


An interactive storytelling app to commemorate the region's participation in World War I. Developed in collaboration with Zero Blink. Available on Android and iOS devices.


An audio, visual and video calendar for the iPad that lets you keep track of development, health, life, through videos and photos in a calendar format.


Long Time No See (LT,NS?) is an innovative art project that asks you to think how your personal actions, gathered during a reflective walk, might help us all imagine pathways towards more sustainable futures.

The Team

We may look young, but in fact we're experienced developers with a wealth of knowledge to help you get your app up and running. It's just that we spend all our time indoors coding away from the harsh sunlight which keeps us looking young. Also, we can't grow beards which doesn't help...

Jimmy Ti

Technical Director

Jimmy is a technical wizard and experienced developer. He's right at the end of a phd in designing mobile social services for public transport and he has a love for games and good user experience.

Zac Fitz-Walter

Creative Director

With a phd in gamification and user experience design, Zac focuses primarily on reducing friction through good usability and motivating users with playful and engaging experiences.

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